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Avatar: The Last Airbender Four Nations Hoodies

Avatar: The Last Airbender Four Nations Hoodies

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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked...

  • The world is traditionally divided into four nations: the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads. Each nation is culturally unique and associated with one bending technique: waterbending, earthbending, firebending and airbending, respectively.
  • To your style: Choose between 4 different colors based on the four nations.
  • Solid colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Red. 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.
  • All kind of sizes: Starting in S to 5XL ( Please use the chart below to find your perfect size).
  • Easy to wash: Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat.


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